Mr. Pro Mike – An Introduction. 

Hello World!

This is Mr Pro Mike and welcome to my blog site.

I created this blog site to share and talk about my expertise in data analysis and programming. Hopefully, you can gain insights and new knowledge that will help you do better in your job or in your business.

What is Mr Pro Mike?

Mr Pro Mike stands for Mr obviously I am a guy, Pro means three things, 1) Professional, 2) Problem Solver and 3) Programmer, and Mike is my nick name.

A Little Background

I’m a graduate of Computer Engineering at Adamson University batch 1999. My first job was with Fujitsu hard disk drive manufacturing. I was at first a diagnosis/process engineer, then a failure analysis engineer and lastly a Test Schedule Development Engineer. I worked there for seven years and seven months.  My 2nd and current company is Sykes Asia. At first I was a Database Analyst then I became a Report Writer and now I’m a Software Engineer. I am with Sykes now for more than eight years.

In more than 14 years of my working life I do data analysis and programming almost every working day.  I have created hundreds of tools and automatons. I became a seasoned programmer using several tools and programming languages like C#, Visual Basic,  Bash Unix Scripting,  JavaScript, SQL to name a few but my expertise really is problem solving. My company hired me not because I can write cool programs but because I can help solve a lot of their problems. My objective is to help you solve your problems at work or in your business.

If you are interested to know more about me and the details of my skill set feel free to check my LinkedIn profile (

If you like this blog, please subscribe also to my YouTube channel where I am going to post all my thoughts, tips, tricks in programming . Just seach Mr Pro Mike or click this link (


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