Intelligence for your Business (Part 2)

On part 1 I have introduced Business Intelligence. On this part I will discuss the components that are important for BI.

  1. Data Sources – It’s going to be the sources of your data like from the warehouse to the cashier or other processes that your business have. A good question here is what data are you going to store and how are you going to input them? The ideal here is to have a tool that will make it easy for your employee to input data. The easier they input data without error the better. Another important point here is the quality of data that they are accurate. You’ll need to select the best Point of Sale (POS) out there. MS Excel can also be a good tool with it’s automation capability because of Visual Basic for Application.
  2. Data Storage/Warehouse – It is how and where are you or your tool is going to store your data. Are you going to use a database, spreadsheets or text files? What is important here is that you can query or retrieve data easily when you need it. Here where ETL process happen (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) <br />
  3. Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) – resides between the database server and the reporting tools.  It summarizes some of the data during off hours to make querying of information faster.
  4. Data Visualization and Analysis  –  Here’s when you extract data and present the data visually using graphs, dashboards, OLTP and tables so you can easily analyze it and gain insight from it.




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